Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for May 25

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Bruce Prichard Addresses the EC3 Situation

Bruce Prichard is joined by Tyrus for additional protection after Ethan Carter’s attack on him last week.  Prichard briefly explains that there will be consequences for EC3’s actions.  He claims that the Impact World Championship is of the utmost importance and brings out Lashley.  Lashley talks about his dominant run as champion but would be interrupted by EC3.  Ethan Carter addresses Lashley and proclaims that he will become a three-time World Champion.  Magnus comes to the ring to talk about his golden ticket that Prichard cost him.  James Storm comes out to stake his claim as he looks to start the fight earlier.  Bruce Prichard books a triple threat match to determine the number one contender for the Impact World Championship.

Kongo Kong and KM vs Mahabali Shera and Braxton Sutter

Result: Kong and KM def. Shera and Sutter via pinfall

Sutter and Kong start the match which is much like their one on one encounter but Sutter brings in Shera.  Laurel Van Ness continues to act loony outside of the ring as she continues the psychological play with Allie.  Shera tries to body slam Kongo Kong but he is met with a slam of his own.  KM tags himself which confused Kong but Shera fights back against KM.  Shera’s offense doesn’t last long as Kong makes his way back into the ring.  Kong and KM continue to work together to keep Shera away from the corner of Braxton Sutter.

KM goes out of his comfort zone with a springboard and this error brings Braxton Sutter into the match.  Kong continues his attack on Sutter outside of the ring leaving Shera and KM into the ring.  Allie takes out Van Ness and Sienna with a crossbody.  This was the only ray of hope as KM rolls up Sutter to win the match.  After the match, a brawl ensures between the two team.  Allie is left in the ring with Sienna and Laurel Van Ness.  The two beat down Allie but it is interrupted by the music of Rosemary.  Sienna and Van Ness think that Rosemary is going to help them but she instead sprays Sienna with the mist.  She leaves Sienna laying with her signature Red Wedding.

It is difficult to explain exactly what Laurel Van Ness is but it is amazing.  The combination of Kongo Kong and her has made for an interesting Impact Wrestling duo.  Since Sienna has practically taken over Maria Kanellis’ role, it has made this group more interesting.