WWE’s 9 Best Matches of 2017 So Far

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4. Elimination Chamber Match – WWE Elimination Chamber

The Elimination Chamber concept was brought back in February, almost two years after Elimination Chamber 2015 nearly destroyed it. Two mediocre matches were seen with the Intercontinental and Tag Team Championships on the line, something WWE didn’t go back to in 2017.

Instead, fans saw AJ Styles, John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose and The Miz battle for the WWE Championship. This was SmackDown Live’s best cast of characters they could include, and it made for one fun spectacle.

While everything seen was noteworthy, the final pairing of Styles and Wyatt made this match great. They wrestled for about five minutes, all of which featured action you needed to be on the edge of your seat to see. Near-falls and other dramatics played into either the Phenomenal One getting his second WWE Championship reign, or the beginning of the first-ever World title run for the Eater of Worlds. It became the latter.

At the time, Wyatt getting the pin over Styles was a big deal. The Talking Stick Arena popped loud for his victory, which made the moment feel that much bigger.

Big moments and high-stakes drama made this match. The others involved can’t be forgotten either, but Wyatt and Styles made this one of the best of the year.