WWE’s 9 Best Matches of 2017 So Far

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1. Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne – NXT TakeOver: Chicago

Topping the list is something that was seen a short time ago. It featured Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne dueling for the WWE United Kingdom Championship for the second time, putting on an even better performance than the first time around.

Dunne and Bate set the Allstate Arena on fire with their performance. It started with the in-ring psychology from the first few minutes, as the Bruiserweight worked one part of Mustache Mountain’s hands, making it so he couldn’t pull off the Tyler Driver ’97. This proved effective in the latter stages of the match.

Psychology wasn’t just it, as these two pulled off well-timed spots that electrified the match and the venue. Bate bounced off the ropes and hitting a flying clothesline made for an awe-inspiring spot. Him powering out of Dunne’s triangle chokehold made for a sight, too, giving this match’s babyfaces plenty of pops along the way.

However, Bate’s inability to hit his finisher did him in. It led to Dunne quickly hitting the Bitter End, which the inaugural champion did little to try hampering the challenger from hitting, to win.

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At first glance, it’s hard to believe WWE UK competitors pulling off the year’s best match so far, as it’s still a developing brand for the company. It doesn’t even have a weekly show yet. However, for fans who didn’t know of the WWE UK Division before, they surely do now after witnessing Bate vs. Dunne II on a big stage.