WWE SmackDown Live: 4 Potential Cinderella Stories

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SmackDown Live is the land of opportunity. The brand has created a niche for cultivating Cinderella stories. Here are 4 more potential stars who could benefit the same way.

SmackDown Live continues to stay true to its motto as the land of opportunity. Jinder Mahal’s meteoric rise to the top of the mountain is the latest chapter in SmackDown’s history. From the very beginning, the brand has stayed true to its promise. The blue brand started it all by suddenly giving Dolph Ziggler a win and the chance to fight for the WWE title as the number one contender.

From there, the brand really took off. Stars like Heath Slater, Rhyno and Alexa Bliss were given the freedom to run with the ball. And boy did they make the best of their opportunity? Such unpredictability added a layer of intrigue to the show on a weekly basis. You never know who is gonna turn up. While this is nothing like what the fans are used to seeing during the Attitude era, SmackDown Live continues to outshine Raw week after week despite having the weaker roster.

In fact, some of Raw’s premier stars were developed by SmackDown from scratch. The blue brand did wonders for the Miz and his career. It allowed a fresh call-up from NXT named Alexa Bliss to thrive and express herself. The results speak for themselves. Bliss is one of the most organic heels on the entire roster, on par with the Miz. Baron Corbin is another example of the brand’s success mantra. The Lonewolf is destined to be a future WWE champion.

Now that Jinder Mahal’s rise to the top culminated in a happy ending, what other stars could be worked on next? In no ways will Mahal’s story be the last Cinderella story of the blue brand. SmackDown Live has become home to talented wrestlers who would otherwise won’t get title wins on Raw. Which stars should the brand focus on next?