WWE SmackDown Live: 4 Potential Cinderella Stories

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 3. Luke Harper

Despite breaking away from the shackles of Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper is yet to break himself free of the curse of bad booking. Harper’s primary reason for failing to reach the top is the lack of direction. When he was a member of the Wyatt Family, he always followed Wyatt’s orders. When Randy Orton dissected the clan from the inside, Harper had purpose, motive and direction after a long long time.

If one were to observe the big man over the weeks he was fighting Orton and Wyatt, you would be convinced that the man has what it takes to be a star in the WWE. He is incredibly agile for someone of his size. Ideally, Harper should have been treated like a bigger fish. Unfortunately for him, his star power lies much below Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman.

That does not take anything away from the big man though. The former Intercontinental champion has decent in-ring skills. Though mic skills might be questionable, he could be a really good workhorse mid card champion. At the least, Harper would work really well as an interim challenger for Jinder Mahal if creative is looking for ways to get Mahal over still. Regardless, Luke Harper is a hugely underrated performer and he deserves to be booked better. At the very least, instead of fighting with his former Wyatt Family brother Eric Rowan, the two should be wrecking havoc in the tag division.