WWE SmackDown Live: 4 Potential Cinderella Stories

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2. Tye Dillinger

Tye Dillinger is the ultimate Cinderella in pro-wrestling. After fighting for a spot on the main roster with tooth and nails for well over 10 years in development, Tye would finally live the experience of a lifetime when he entered the Royal Rumble at the number 10 position. The story couldn’t have been written any better than that. Though he failed to make an impact in the Rumble itself, Tye’s moment would forever be remembered by the fans.

Dillinger is someone the crowd loves to cheer for. The infectious ‘ten’ chants fill up arenas around the world when he shows up. Moreover, he has an added advantage. Unlike the other members on this list, Tye has not yet been damaged by bad booking. His career and future are still intact. Though his only matches so far have been against Kurt Hawkins and Aiden English, Tye has shown the WWE universe he has the makings of a star.

The ‘ten’ chants might be the next big thing after the ‘Yes’ chants. Though Tye is not on the same level as Daniel Bryan, there is no denying he would be a big star eventually. However, imagine the Yes chants and Ten chants combining. Once Daniel Bryan is back on Television, if he were to put over Tye, that would be an immense boost to this talented performer’s career.

Bryan could do a number of things to help this guy. He could perhaps tell Dillinger that he sees a bit of himself in Dillinger. The infectious ten chants and the yes chants could be compared for instance. The possibilities are limitless. Tye Dillinger has a genuine babyface aura around him much like Daniel Bryan. People love these two guys. SmackDown Live creative better grab hold of him while he is still hot and make the most of it.