5 Worst WWE Extreme Rules Match Gimmicks

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Extreme Rules, credit: wwe.com

A listing of five of the most outrageous and absurd matches in Extreme Rules pay-per-view history.

Professional wrestling has a rich history of trying to be creative.  When you look over the years, there have been a number of great gimmick match ideas that have not only been a major hit among the fans, but have turned into their own annual event.  Take the Royal Rumble, for instance.  What started off as an idea by WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson, turned into it’s own yearly pay per view and a career changer for the ones who win it.  Money In The Bank is the same way.  From the mind of Chris Jericho, MITB started as an idea that most thought was crazy.  Now it’s must see television when it’s pay per view roles around.

But for every great gimmick match the WWE thinks up, there’s always a terrible one and most of those die inside a creative meeting, never seeing the light of day.  But now and again they manage to sneak out and what the WWE fans get is a match that sounded awful on paper, but were shocked to see that it was even worse in execution.  And this has been going on for ages.  Don’t believe me?  Go back and research The Kennal From Hell match from 1999, the Good Housekeeping match from the same year, and Punjabi Prison match from 2007.  And those just crack the surface.

Since Extreme Rules became it’s own pay per view in 2007, most of their shows have been very good.  But that doesn’t mean they haven’t had some major duds.  They very well have.  And here’s five of them.