5 Worst WWE Extreme Rules Match Gimmicks

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credit: wwe.com

4. Extreme Makeover Match

This match is one of those ideas that the WWE has sometimes when they basically come up with a concept but have no clue about the details.  Kind of just like the recent House of Horrors match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt at this year’s Payback when just weeks before the show the company was polling the fans as to what they’d want to see included.

At the Extreme Rules 2010 pay per view, Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix were in a similar situation.  Let’s lay out the background.  2 nights before the show, McCool and her buddy Layla attacked Phoenix and left her on the mat.  But before leaving decided to hit “The Glamazon” with an ironing board and then drew on her face with lipstick.  You know, like adults.  This led to this absurd gimmick match.  So here’s the question: what type of makeover was it supposed to be?  At ringside for the match, there were household cleaning supplies (a mop, bucket, and ironing board) and also an array of makeup cases.  So is this a home makeover or beauty makeover?  I assume the WWE still doesn’t know.

Want to know the crazy part?  The match wasn’t all that bad.  Phoenix was always the consummate pro and McCool was a pretty underrated worker.  Plus Layla and Vickie Guerrero were pretty entertaining outside the ring. They made it work, but barely.  I have no problem with doing something different, trying to be original.  But come on.  This match was disrespectful to all involved.