5 Worst WWE Extreme Rules Match Gimmicks

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credit: wwe.com

2. Hog Pen Match

Where to even begin with this one.  You know, if there was a more annoying wrestler on the planet than Santino Marella, it was undoubtedly “Santina” Marella.  And he really can’t even be blamed.  He was a decent in-ring performer in his OVW days but the WWE decided to turn him into a side-show act due to the fact that he was a funny guy.  One big problem: his act ran stale about as quickly as it started.

In the midst of this of his shtick, Santino, now playing his female alter-ego “Santina” was pit against the only more annoying person on earth, Vickie Guerrero and her brother in law, Chavo in this hog pen match at Extreme Rules 2009.  The match is exactly how it sounds.  A fenced-in pit full of slop and awfulness with some little piggies off to the side as spectators.  Believe it or not, Triple H actually wrestled in the same type of match in the fall of 1995.  As if that match couldn’t have been any worse, they decided to revive it for Santina and the Guerreros.  Just silly.

The big prize for the winner of this match, you ask?  The title of “Miss Wrestlemania” which Marella had one 2 months earlier in a battle royal at Wrestlemania 25.  Why anyone would want that title is beyond me but for some reason Vickie did.  Unfortunately for her, she lost, but so did everyone else who tuned in.