4 Predictions for WWE Raw: May 29, 2017

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The No. 1 Contenders Are Ready

Throughout the past several weeks, I’ve made it a priority to highlight the team of Cesaro and Sheamus. When the duo turned heel at Payback, it finally appeared as though the two were embarking in a great direction. Despite this, they have been treated as an absolute joke since feuding with the Hardy Boyz.

Not including the Tag Team Turmoil victory, Cesaro and Sheamus have no chance to gain any sort of momentum as of late. Every single time they go up against the Hardy Boyz, they end up on the losing end. This is apparent in both their singles and tag team contests. If the plan all along is to have the Hardy Boyz feud with the Revival, that’s perfectly fine. In the meantime, a team with the capabilities of Cesaro and Sheamus shouldn’t be booked so badly.

During tonight’s episode of Raw, WWE will have one final choice to improve the team’s appearance to fans. Giving them a big win, or any sort of win for that matter, is the solution to do just that. Come Extreme Rules, Cesaro and Sheamus are going to be in a match the Hardy Boyz know all too well. While the brothers may be more fondly remembered for their ladder match history, they’ve had some rather impressive steel cage contests as well. Because of this, now is the time for Cesaro and Sheamus to prove their worth.

Should WWE fail in this regard, there will be both short and long-term implications. In the short-term, fans won’t buy into Cesaro and Sheamus as legitimate tag team competitors. As for the long-term, this sort of booking will make fans doubt the level these men are capable of achieving in the industry.