4 Predictions for WWE Raw: May 29, 2017

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Former Shield Brethren Collide

Arguably the biggest match to be featured on tonight’s Raw has Roman Reigns going up against Seth Rollins. These two men have a great deal of history, and it stems back to their main roster arrival back in 2012. Alongside Dean Ambrose, the three men debuted at Survivor Series of that year and caused mayhem. The trio would define themselves as stars of the future, and since then have achieved a great level of success.

Now that all three of them are back on the same roster, there may be a time when we see a proper Shield reunion. Until that day, we can look forward to them going to hell and back against one another. Fences have been mended between the three since their separation, but nothing gets in the way of championship glory. Right now, Reigns and Rollins have the chance to ride a great wave of momentum into Extreme Rules.

Even though the fans would love to see a proper finish to this match, it probably isn’t going to happen. This is a contest that’s going to receive the main event slot, and so Raw needs to end with Extreme Rules being promoted. Leaving three out of the five competitors in Sunday’s main event isn’t the best business decision, so the company may opt for a no-contest finish.

At the end of the night, all five men could engage in a wild and chaotic brawl. It doesn’t really matter who stands tall at the end of it, as any interaction between the five men will draw interest for Extreme Rules.

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