WWE Extreme Rules 2017: 5 Bold Predictions

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2. Finn Balor Dominates Fatal-5 Way, but Victory is Stolen from Him

Paul Heyman’s high praise of Finn Balor on Raw last week was no accident. The WWE clearly believes in Balor and wants him to be portrayed as a star. That doesn’t necessarily mean he will walk away victorious in the Fatal-5 Way, however.

Balor can be screwed out of the match but still look a million dollars. This allows a potential Balor-Brock Lesnar match to be saved for a bigger stage, but also again proving that The Demon King is championship caliber.

Balor can dominate the match by getting the advantage over all of his opponents. Every time he’s in trouble, the former Universal Champion counters and comes within inches of winning the match.

Just as the 5-Way is about to end, Balor cleans house, rallies the crowd and looks to put it away. He does the hard work, but after connecting with the Coup De Grace, he is struck from behind and pushed aside, the victory stolen from his grasp.

Fans are left feeling sympathy for Balor, the true deserving winner of the match. Who wins? This is the man to steal victory from The Demon…