WWE Extreme Rules 2017: 3 Predictions for the Main Event

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Credit: WWE.com

2. Bray Wyatt Steals One Out of the Blue

Paul Heyman may have portrayed Finn Balor as the underdog and the dark horse in the match. However, we all know who the real underdog here is. Bray Wyatt has very little chance of going over the other four men. However, if Raw were to embrace the unpredictability that SmackDown Live has crafted, Bray could be a top name to win on Sunday.

He hasn’t had a memorable moment during the build-up to Extreme Rules. Moreover, Bray eventually took the pin this week during the triple threat match. That paints him as potentially the weakest competitor out there. Or does it? WWE has a trend of the eventual winner taking a beating/loss right before a PPV. Moreover, the person who picks up the dominant win hardly continues his streak at the PPV.

If that were to be true, neither Roman Reigns nor Samoa Joe would walk out of WWE Extreme Rules 2017 as the new number one contender. What if Bray Wyatt does instead? The build towards this moment could easily be done. Wyatt is indeed the easily forgettable member on the card owing to his inconsistent booking over the years. He could be taken out early in the match itself by Reigns potentially. Then, towards the end of the match, once all the smoke has settled, Wyatt could strike like a predator.

The moment could be amplified by teasing the crowd to have someone like Balor nearing the win. It could look like Balor would hit the Coup de Grace. Just as all seem to be in place, Wyatt could emerge out of the blue and take out Balor with a devastating Sister Abigail. Imagine the fan reaction to that. Three seconds later you might potentially be staring at Brock Lesnar’s next victim considering how WWE has booked Wyatt till now. That would be the only downside to this outcome.