WWE Extreme Rules 2017: 3 Predictions for the Main Event

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1. Finn Balor Becomes the New No. 1 Contender

The most predictable outcome might be just what WWE has in store for us on Sunday. This could be Balor’s redemption story that might end with him winning the Universal title by slaying the beast. That is how it should be. The question it would it? Would Balor be the one to bring back the title to Raw on a weekly basis?

As for WWE Extreme Rules 2017, this outcome is the most likely one. Hence it tops out list of predictions for the Fatal 5-way match. Balor winning is what every fan wants after all. Moreover, he never did lose the Universal title. Having to fight to prove his claim for a shot at the title is bad enough. Having to fight four other main event stars at the same time? Seems like a job for the Demon.

If we were to witness the Demon coming out of the curtains come Sunday, expect Balor to win cleanly. Becoming the new number contender would be the next step towards his redemption. The fans would be in abrupt joy and for once, creative would be doing the right thing. Of course, critics would blame the predictability of this scenario. However, sometimes, the most predictable scenarios are indeed the apt ones.

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