WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 29

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Miz TV

Oh, man, Miz. You know I love you, right? He’s been on a tremendous hot streak for nearly a full year now. There’s been no signs of him slowing down, either – he’s in a groove.

So what does he do? He completely gives away his strategy for Extreme Rules this Sunday. Sure, you and I know that that’s the way they should be booking the Intercontinental Title match at Extreme Rules – Maryse (or Samson, or anyone) should strike Miz immediately for a DQ and a championship victory.

But Dean Ambrose is a lunatic who has shown he doesn’t really pay attention to anything! How would he know what the plan was? Bad move by The Miz, in my opinion.

The guests on Miz TV were Sheamus and Cesaro. Aside from a shoehorned reference to Sheamus’s old theme music, it was a typical heel coffee talk segment. Nothing important happened, nothing new was said, and the most obvious six-man tag match in history was telegraphed (and established during the commercial break). Hey, it’s pay per view season, we gotta get all of these stories crammed into the same segments!

Because, of course Dean Ambrose comes down to the ring – but claiming he’s not stupid, he waits like a goof until the Hardy Boyz run down to the ring. Everyone fights, and we cut to commercial, and come back to…