WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 29

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Noam Dar (w/ Alicia Fox) vs. Rich Swann (w/ Sasha Banks)

Result: Rich Swann defeated Noam Dar via pinfall

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

I still can’t believe that what seemed like a random, throwaway match between Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks has led to a series of matches, and more bodies are getting added to the feud as well. By the time Extreme Rules is over, half the roster will have had something to do with these two.

Tonight, it’s a purple roped showdown between the boyfriends/platonic friends. Noam Dar – who got the taste slapped out of his mouth by Banks last week – didn’t fare much better against Rich Swann this week.

The match was okay, not bad but not great. The big issue I have with it is someone in the production truck thinking it’s more important to focus on Sasha neutralizing Fox outside the ring than Swann hitting a gorgeous Phoenix Splash for the victory. How do you just gloss over a move like that – especially one executed as well as Swann’s?

The dance off after the match was, admittedly, entertaining. Sasha seems to be having fun, which is nice (even if she should be embracing the dark side and whomping Bayley for the Raw Women’s Title).

Here’s an honest question: At Extreme Rules, what color will the ropes be for the mixed tag match? Purple for Swann/Dar, or red for Banks/Fox? Maybe half and half, make the ring look like the Red Hat Society.

Top Guys… IN!

Man, is it good to see Dash and Dawson again. I’m glad they’re referencing their Easter Egg appearance from last week (which I’m so angry I missed), and Dawson talking circles around Charly Caruso is amazing. Hopefully the wires get cut soon and the Top Guys can get back to breaking other people’s jaws.

And why is Corey Graves like a main character on Raw all of a sudden? Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but it’s so out of left field. I like angry Cass, but feel like it’s too soon for him to turn on Enzo. So much happening in the tag team division!