WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 29

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Alexa Bliss Presents: Bayley – This Is Your Life

If you’re going to call a segment “This Is Your Life,” inevitably it’s going to be compared to Mankind’s celebration of The Rock. The good thing about tonight’s segment is that the intention behind it was totally different. When Mankind celebrated The Rock’s life, it was a legit attempt to get on The Rock’s good side. Mankind was the good guy, and The Rock was a tweener leaning towards bad guy who gets cheered.

Clearly, Alexa had no intentions of getting on Bayley’s good side. She didn’t seem all that interested in putting on a good segment, either. This was painful to watch, and the crowd rightfully revolted.

I understand trying to do something different. When the graphic hyping this segment popped up earlier in the show, I got really excited for it. But once it started, it was abundantly clear that it was going to be a train wreck. Think “Festival of Friendship,” and as good as that was is how bad this was.

Going back to the first “This Is Your Life” segment, it at least seemed somewhat genuine, and had a modicum of realism to it. Tonight, it was just mean-spirited and absurd. “Bayley sat next to her dad in school!” Come on.

The whole best friend/boyfriend thing was stupidly predictable, and Booker T actually contributed positively to commentary when he admitted, “This is tough to watch.” Bayley mercifully came down to the ring to put a stop to it (leaving everyone to wonder why she let it go on so long – was she in the bathroom or something?) but took a kendo stick shot to the back.

The less we say about this in the future, the better.

Enzo Amore: Oh No, Not Again

Jeez, man, put your head on a swivel already!