4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: May 30, 2017

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Will the Former United States Champion Finally Arrive?

When the Money in the Bank entrants were announced last week, I fully expected Rusev to be involved. He’s been teasing a return to action for weeks now, and he specially voiced his wishes for a title shot. Since Rusev has been gone for quite awhile, it would’ve made perfect sense for him to be inserted into the MiTB ladder match.

Even though this appeared to be a logical step, WWE chose to forgo this route. They may have something better in store for the superstar, but it’s highly unlikely. This is indeed a shame, as Rusev is one of the most athletic powerhouses in the company today. He certainly deserves better, but the question is whether or not WWE feels the same way.

If they do, one of the first things they need to do is get him on television. The longer they choose to hold back his return, the quicker fans will lose interest. With MiTB approaching, the roster could definitely use a strong heel. Plus, his return could allow a certain superstar to be replaced due to the attack he recently suffered.

During the last episode, Sami Zayn was brutally assaulted following a match against Baron Corbin. Clearly damaged from the attack, his condition has produced a cloud of uncertainty around his MiTB status. Because of this, Shane McMahon may eventually decide to allow Rusev to compete instead. Zayn could (and should) be able to participate in the contest, making one of the events most prominent matches even more enticing.