4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: May 30, 2017

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The Princess of Staten Island Gains Momentum

Now, I’m going to assume that a lot of you are doubting the validity of this slide. Hear me out here. If current rumors are to be believed, it appears that WWE has interest in making a Women’s MiTB ladder match. Should this come to be, it’ll mark the first time that female superstars are competing into the contest.

Whether or not this opportunity is something that is made official, the Women’s Division on SmackDown Live still has plenty to be excited about. By the conclusion of tonight’s episode, we will have a new number one contender for Naomi’s championship. The only question is, who can we expect to see rise above the rest?

Once again, let’s assume that this MiTB match is something that is a definite plan for the company to carry out. Right off the bat, you’re going to want someone with the athletic potential a woman such as Charlotte Flair brings to the table. Then the next step is pairing her with a female who can be considered an equal of sorts, which is where Becky Lynch is made an entrant. Two faces in the match means we need some heels, so expect Natalya and Tamina to be announced as well.

The only problem here is that SmackDown Live doesn’t boast a very large division for the females. That means that somehow the company needs to add more talent to the match. Lana may make her debut in such a situation, and perhaps an NXT call-up wouldn’t be out of the question either.

With all of these different women involved, this allows Carmella to receive a huge opportunity to compete against Naomi for the gold. Her ascending the ranks would help her in the long-term to establish herself as a true contender. A match with Naomi may not be a show-stealer, but it’d be impressive nonetheless.