WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 30

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AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler

Result: Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Moments before the main event, Rich Swann and Sasha Banks were shown hyping up 205Live. The show takes place on the WWE Network immediately following SmackDown Live.

In his home state of Atlanta, AJ Styles entered tonight’s main event intent on emerging victorious. As for the Showoff, a victory here meant gaining a ton of momentum heading into Money in the Bank. Knowing what the stakes were, these two men were determined to end the show on a high note.

Throughout the contest, this was a war which had control shifting at multiple points in time. Both men were able to excel against one another, with the clash of skillsets making fans watch in anticipation. Frequent counters helped to make the result wildly unpredictable, which helped to build both men’s credibility ahead of MiTB. Up until the closing moments, this was a match that really could’ve gone either way for each man.

Right when it seemed as though Styles had the match won with the Phenomenal Forearm, Ziggler showed his fortitude. Knocking his opponent off the top rope, he bought himself enough time to hit his superkick. A pinfall attempt quickly followed, and the Showoff was able to end his night with a huge victory. Standing tall above Styles, Ziggler celebrated the win as the show came to a close.

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