WWE NXT: 3 Potential Opponents for Bobby Roode

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3. Roderick Strong

There appears to be big plans for Strong in the future.  His presentation gives off that big star vibe that is definitely brewing for the former Indy star.  Additionally, he has the look and ability to win the crowd over.

Strong has overcome SAniTY at the recent NXT Takeover:  Chicago.  Considering that SAniTY has been one of the more dominant teams on the developmental brand that spells out big things for Strong.  It’s probably reason enough to challenge Roode for the NXT Championship.  A slow build to a big match would put both guys over in their respectable roles.

I wouldn’t mind seeing more than one bout between Strong and Roode.  Whether it would play out during one of NXT’s weekly shows or a couple of Takeovers, the brand has been known to make the angles work over time.  With Strong being one of the new guys and the slow buildup for him, he is likely to be the one who will end Roode’s Championship reign.