Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for June 1

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Ethan Carter III Has a Celebration Worthy of the No. 1 Contender

Ethan Carter makes his way to the ring with a band at center stage in the Impact Zone.  He claims that tonight is a night for celebration as the band gives the fans a tune.  They sing EC3’s theme song as Carter soaks in the adulation.  He continues to gloat about his spot in the main event of Slammiversary.  The fans were not amused with this segment as they chanted “this is boring.”  As the band sings EC3’s praises, he is interrupted by Impact Management and Alberto El Patron.  Bruce Prichard makes a match for the Global Force Wrestling Championship against EC3.  What does EC3 have on the line is his number one contender’s spot.  It is set as six sides of steel for the biggest opportunity in Impact Wrestling.

Impact Grand Championship Match
Moose (c) vs Eli Drake

Result: Moose def. Drake via split decision

Dutch Mantell, Scott D’Amore and Bruce Prichard are the special judges for the Impact Grand Championship Match.  Moose starts out the match with a big boot as he turns up the intensity.  As the momentum looks like it has shifted in Moose’s direction, Eli Drake focuses his attack on the legs of Moose.  The shift in philosophy allows Eli Drake to take round one against the champion Moose.

Eli Drake jumps back on the knee that he targeted in the first round.  He utilizes the ring post to continue his attack on  Moose but Moose uses it to fight back.  In the last minute, Moose connects on a flurry of attacks to Eli Drake to give himself a chance to win the round.  After deliberation from the judges, Moose is awarded the second round with late offense in the second round.

As the bout is tied, Eli Drake tries to regain his advantage but Moose fights off the attack.  Both men hit some of their most physical moves to try and put the other away.  Moose takes control but Chris Adonis gets involved allow Eli Drake to hit a final blow to the champion but Moose is saved by the bell.  Moose retains the Impact Grand Championship by split decision.

It was interesting that the fans actually knew who the judges were for this match.  The new judges beg the questions why and what role will they play in this match?  Eli Drake showed his wrestling acumen in the first round causing him to gain the round.  Somehow Moose came back in the second round.  I love that Adonis got involved but I don’t understand how Drake didn’t win the match.