Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for June 1

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Amber Nova vs Allie

Result: Allie def. Nova via pinfall

Amber Nova shows off her technical prowess to start the match and it frustrates Allie.  As Nova gains control, Allie starts to feed off of the crowd and find her pace in the match.  Nova’s gritty attitude from the garage continues to play its role when Allie finds some momentum.  Amber Nova goes to the top rope but it is reversed by Allie into a Death Valley Driver for the victory.  Allie hugs everyone even her opponent in her victory celebration.

This was an odd jobber match because Allie isn’t as well established in Impact Wrestling.  The development of Allie’s character has been gradual and done to perfection.  Even the little aspects like Allie’s uncertainty and the childlike celebrations continue to add to her persona.

Global Force Tag Team Tournament Championship Match

Result: LAX def. VOW to become the GFW Tag Team Champions

This has been a four-team tournament to crown GFW Tag Team Champions.  These two teams have a brief history from an encounter a few weeks ago involving the American flag.  Before the match starts, all of LAX jump Veterans of War.  Mayweather and Wilcox find their rhythm in the match but LAX uses the numbers game to fight back into the match.  The chemistry of LAX plays it role when they cut off the ring and keep Mayweather away from Wilcox.  Mayweather fights out of the corner and uses his power game to gain control.  Diamante pulls the referee out of the ring to stop the offensive momentum of VOW.  LAX uses everything at their disposal to secure the Global Force Wrestling Tag Team Championships.

LAX has developed a solid heel faction and always use the numbers to their advantage.  They play the tag team psychological game to perfection.  Having a faction hold more than one title is one of the best ways to create a dominant faction.  Rarely ever in wrestling are there dual champions and when it finally happens, it always seems like a bigger deal.