WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Lana Wants in on Women’s Ladder Match


Not to be forgotten, Lana is a part of Smackdown Live’s roster and she is making her voice heard by requesting to be added to the MITB Women’s Match.

This week after the fiasco that was the Fatal Five-Way contenders match for the Women’s Championship match on Smackdown Live, Commissioner Shane McMahon made the epic announcement that there will be a Women’s Money In The Bank match at the PPV event. This has been speculated about for some time and it is fantastic to see the WWE actually go ahead and do this. This is another huge step forward for the women in the WWE, and a big opportunity for them as well to capture the briefcase.

The name’s announced so far are Charlotte, Natalya, Tamina, Carmella and Becky Lynch. However, there is another superstar who was traded to Smackdown Live who wants a piece of the action. Lana has not made her debut on the blue brand yet but she is making sure her name is not to be forgotten. We have seen her promo’s airing and know that she will debut sometime soon, she will be a singles star and not paired with Rusev moving forward.

Wednesday morning Lana sent out a tweet to Commissioner Shane McMahon requesting a negotiation to be added to the MITB match. So far her tweet has almost been retweeted 1000 times, it seems the fans want to see this happen as well. With 5 names in the match so far it would be the perfect opportunity to debut Lana and let her make a huge impact and be part of this history-making event.

Is it possible that Lana will get included in the match? And if so, will we see anyone else get added as well? Lana has been working hard this year by training and competing at live events and she does deserve a chance. This is the perfect way to bring her back and she can show the WWE Universe exactly what she is made of. Her chances of winning are not strong but stranger things have happened in the WWE landscape. The match does need at least one other superstar to be added and Lana is the right choice.

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The question is whether her tweet will be addressed on an up and coming Smackdown Live, and whether she will actually show up and make the request in person. She has so much to add to the division and there are numerous feuds she can get into. The women can teach her and guide her to be someone that can be a big part of this division and give her a bright future with her wrestling career. All we can do now is wait to see what happens, but please WWE put Lana in the match.