WWE: 25 Greatest Entrance Theme Songs of All Time

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Chris Jericho

In 1999, WWE programming aired a “countdown to the millennium.” After fans determined the clock would run down to zero sometime in August, speculation about who the clock was for ran rampant. Eventually, the clock struck zero and Chris Jericho – dubbing himself “Y2J” – made his WWE debut.

Leaving aside the impressive verbal sparring between Jericho and The Rock upon Y2J’s arrival, the theme song that played him onto the stage was one that he would use for the vast majority of his WWE career. Considering Jericho fronts his own hard rock band, it’s a little surprising that he’d use a Jim Johnston track for so long as opposed to a Fozzy recording. (He did briefly use Fozzy’s “Don’t You Wish You Were Me” in 2004.)

But “Break The Walls Down” was a clever play on a Biblical legend of the Battle of Jericho, and the walls surrounding the city. Lyrically, the theme sounds like a challenge to face Y2J – “Step in the arena and break the walls down.”

Musically, the theme is catchy. The guitar driven riff isn’t the heaviest thing in the world, but it provides a subtle feeling of power – appropriate, since Jericho was never seen as the biggest or strongest guy, but he could hang with the heavyweights like anyone else.