WWE: 25 Greatest Entrance Theme Songs of All Time

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Vince McMahon

In possibly the least surprising news of all time, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has one of the greatest themes in WWE history. I mean, he’s a former WWE Champion, ECW Champion, he won a Royal Rumble, he’s been in the main event of multiple pay per views – why wouldn’t he have a great theme, too?

McMahon officially debuted “No Chance In Hell” at Royal Rumble 1999, as the theme song of the pay per view. Leading up to the event, McMahon was in the midst of his long-time feud with Steve Austin. Adamant that Austin would not win a third consecutive Rumble match, the chairman issued a bounty for whoever eliminated Stone Cold from the Rumble. McMahon would thus proudly proclaim that Austin had “no chance in hell” of being WWE Champion again.

Austin “randomly” drew No. 1 in the Rumble, and McMahon was assigned No. 2 by Commissioner Shawn Michaels. When Vince made his entrance for his debut match, he had no entrance theme. Upon winning the match, though, McMahon used the theme song for the show itself to celebrate his victory.

Since that point, any time Vince makes an appearance on WWE programming, he’s accompanied by the theme. It’s not the only time a pay per view theme song was then repurposed for a “wrestler” (Linda McMahon used the classic WrestleMania theme song for years), but it fits the Mr. McMahon persona perfectly.