WWE: 25 Greatest Entrance Theme Songs of All Time

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Edge (“Metalingus”)

This is the entry on the list that, in my mind, shows that I’m trying to be objective rather than just picking my favorites. I like Edge’s theme music, but for my tastes, I’ve always preferred his original theme from his debut.

But popular opinion holds some weight, too, and I can see why consensus would say that “Metalingus” would be the better theme. As much of a Jim Johnston fanboy as I am, Alter Bridge is just the better version of Creed, so they’re okay, I guess.

Upon turning heel in 2004, Edge adopted a whole new persona – it was basically the “Rated-R Superstar” deal before it actually had a name. As part of this character overhaul, Edge debuted a new theme by the band Alter Bridge. It began with the classic “You think you know me…” line from his original theme, but then kicked it up a notch.

If you listen to the lyrics, “Metalingus” actually paints a pretty accurate picture of the new Edge gimmick. “On this day, I see clearly/Everything has come to life” as the true opening lyrics show that he’s a new man – for better or worse. “Another chance to chase a dream/Another chance to feel/Chance to feel alive” represent his still present goals – becoming world champion – and the new life he has to do so.