WWE: 25 Greatest Entrance Theme Songs of All Time

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Rob Van Dam

In ECW, Rob Van Dam came to the ring to a cover of Pantera’s “Walk,” though most everyone usually thinks it’s the original recording. Upon arriving in WWE after ECW folded, it was time to give RVD a new theme that represented his individuality.

Enter “One of a Kind.” Van Dam appeared in the music video for the track, written and performed by Breaking Point. (Fun fact: Breaking Point also composed “27,” an entrance theme for Kota Ibushi, so this is one of the few times Rob Van Dam and Kota Ibushi will be mentioned in the same context.)

Van Dam was well known as a superstar with an unorthodox offense. Whether WWE or ECW, there were things he did that no one did before or since. So the phrase “one of a kind” suits him well. And as a very rock and roll looking guy – long hair, airbrushed gear emblazoned with dragons, and so on – an alternative band like Breaking Point was a perfect fit to record his music.

Lyrically, the tune does a good job of capturing what must be going through the mind of a Van Dam opponent. “The fear I see when I look in your eyes/Makes you believe I’m one of a kind” exemplifies how hard it is to prepare for a match against someone so unique. Not knowing how to prepare for someone who seems to make it up as he goes along would definitely inspire fear.