WWE: 25 Greatest Entrance Theme Songs of All Time

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CM Punk (“This Fire Burns”)

Okay, everyone put your pitchforks away. Yes, “Cult of Personality” was a great theme for CM Punk. Sure, it lined up with his character wonderfully. And yes, he used that during his modern-day record reign as WWE Champion.

But come on, folks, “This Fire Burns” is objectively both a better song and a better theme for Punk and where he was at that point in his career.

Killswitch Engage supplied the music for Punk’s WWE/ECW debut in 2006. With the greater WWE Universe not knowing exactly who this tattooed guy was, the theme greatly helped him in his early attempts to connect with the audience. As ECW was largely viewed as poorly executed, Punk was one of the bright spots in the brand.

His straight-edge persona – that would later expand into the Straight Edge Society – may have been Punk’s defining trait, but the music definitely helped. Lyrically, things like “Nevermore to be cast aside/This day is mine” represent his drive to become the very best, despite not being a traditional WWE main eventer or champion.

Going further into the lyrics, “Even through the darkest days/This fire burns, always” was almost like a total symbol of ECW in general. There weren’t a whole lot of bright spots in ECW during Punk’s time there, but you’d never know from his performances.