WWE: 25 Greatest Entrance Theme Songs of All Time

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Randy Orton (“Burn In My Light”)

It always amazes me that Randy Orton gets these theme songs that always get a huge pop from the crowd, whether he’s a face or a heel. Today with “Voices,” it’s readily apparent – the guy burned down someone’s house but was still treated like the good guy because he got cheered when his music started, I guess.

But a few years back, Orton entered the building to “Burn In My Light,” and from the first “HEY!” the crowd was rabid – even if Orton himself was in one of his boring phases. The theme made its debut after Orton was dumped from Evolution – as World Heavyweight Champion, no less. The newly minted babyface Orton was going up against the likes of Triple H and Batista, and his new theme got him a great reaction week in and week out.

Like many other themes on the list, the lyrics are a perfect match for Orton during this time of his career. “Hey/Nothing you can say/Nothing’s gonna change what you’ve done to me”? That’s pretty self-explanatory, right? How about “Now it’s time to shine/And you’ll never take what’s mine”?

As Orton embarked on a solo run to both defend his title and stave off Evolution, his music was doing a great job of telling stories. That’s the hallmark of a truly great entrance theme.