WWE: 25 Greatest Entrance Theme Songs of All Time

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John Cena (“Basic Thuganomics”)

Much like CM Punk or Randy Orton earlier on the list, this may not be the theme most associated with John Cena. But, also like Punk and Orton, this one is the better of the two themes.

When John Cena first established himself as a superstar to be taken seriously, he was basically Vanilla Ice the wrestler. Yes, I know that sounds like the last thing that should be taken seriously, but it worked for him. Anyway, as part of his rapper gimmick, Cena – actually an accomplished rapper – performed his own themes for most of his career. The first one he performed – “Basic Thuganomics” – really established his skills as a lyricist. “I’m untouchable but I’m forcing you to feel me” is actually pretty good.

Since the earlier Cena character was the “Doctor of Thuganomics,” much of the theme is centered on his toughness, while being just a little irreverent and inappropriate – compared to today’s WWE, at least. “I’ll kill you and bury you twice despite the cover of night”? Not really fitting with the PG era.

While “The Time Is Now” may be catchier, Cena’s earlier work is a better overall theme. It really fit his edgy character at the time and helped propel him to the main event.