WWE: 25 Greatest Entrance Theme Songs of All Time

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When I was researching themes (AKA listening to old themes on YouTube and laughing at how bad some really were), I realized that most of the female superstars had good, but not great, themes. Most of the better ones come from the last few years – which makes sense, since WWE treated the “Divas” like a joke for the longest time.

Naomi’s new entrance as a whole is quite a spectacle. Everything about it is over the top, and it’s wonderful for it. The whole blacklight for the glow sticks, the dance moves, the powerslide down the ramp – it’s like being in a kicking nightclub (clearly, I’ve never been to a nightclub if I call it “kicking”).

The theme really ties everything together, in my opinion. The slightly remixed version of the old Team B.A.D. entrance theme is perfect for Naomi. Right at the top, the proclamation is made: “I’m amazing.” Yes, you are. (Of course, it helps that she’s the vocalist, too.)

The whole dance club vibe is a perfect match for a dancer – remember, prior to being on season 3 of NXT, Naomi was a backup dancer for Flo Rida, as well as a cheerleader and dancer for the Orlando Magic. (Not to mention her initial role in WWE, as one of the Funkadactyls.) And even I, not a big fan of dance music (THERE’S LITERALLY ONE BEAT FOR EVERY SONG), can’t argue that this is a great song.