WWE: 25 Greatest Entrance Theme Songs of All Time

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Heavy metal guitar sounds. Two (or three) guys in masks and bondage gear, basically. That would usually be enough to make a theme fall into the “good” column.

But then you get to the lyrics: “Here comes the Ax/Here comes the Smasher/The Demolition/Walking Disaster.” That’s pure gold.

Demolition was WWE’s answer to the Road Warriors. (Classic Vince: If he can’t have something, rip it off and make it his own.) The initial team of Ax and Smash was managed by Johnny Valiant, and later Mr. Fuji. Underneath the masks they wore to the ring were painted faces. Everything about Demolition’s appearance screamed, well, “demolition.”

Adding the hard rock entrance theme only served to make the team seem even more devastating. Rick Derringer composed this tune as well – possibly the most heavy song he’s ever written.

Demolition would enter the building to the sounds of devastation as they became Tag Team Champions. Their first reign was a record-setting length, and they would go on to become three-time champs. Towards the end of their run in WWE, Crush was added as a third man due to Ax’s health.

The end of Demolition came when the Road Warriors joined WWE as the Legion of Doom. With room for only one face painted, spiked attire wearing tag team in the eyes of fans, Demolition soon went quietly into the night.

But none of that could stop a great theme.