WWE: 25 Greatest Entrance Theme Songs of All Time

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There have already been several themes on this list that perfectly encapsulate a character or performer. There will be more of those later on as well. But really, the absolute best match would have to be the Undertaker’s theme. To find out why, you have to look back at what Taker’s character was upon his debut.

Over the years, who and what the Undertaker was changed slightly (sometimes more than slightly). And the theme went through slight changes to match (again, sometimes not so slight). But the gist of things was almost always the same – Taker was “The Dead Man,” and he had possibly supernatural powers based on being, uh, dead.

So the basis for his theme was one of the most iconic pieces of classical music – Chopin’s “Funeral March.” It doesn’t get more “dead” than a funeral march, you know? When Jim Johnston wrote Taker’s first theme, he wove in an original theme with Chopin’s work, and that represented the Undertaker for the better part of three decades.

But the part of Undertaker’s theme that takes it from great to legendary and iconic is a Johnston addition: the gong. WWE fans are conditioned to expect the signature sound anytime the lights go out in the arena, and the accompanying pop is usually one of the loudest of the night.