WWE: 25 Greatest Entrance Theme Songs of All Time

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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin

There’s no place on Earth that responds to broken glass quite the same way as a WWE crowd. In most places, when a group of people here glass break they gasp. Maybe someone sarcastically yells out, “OPA!”

But a WWE arena is a different breed. So when the sound of glass breaking fills the air, it can only mean the appearance of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

After the infamous glass breaking, Austin’s theme is no frills, no nonsense – just like the Texas Rattlesnake himself. For a guy who wore black boots and black trunks in the ring, one wouldn’t expect a bunch of flourishes in the music.

But the intensity and unrelenting feeling that comes from Austin’s music are a great mirror for his personality and attitude. Austin’s trip to the ring was basically a march – no hesitation, no fear, no worries. The major force behind the guitar riff in Austin’s theme is the same thing – just a continuous drive of intensity.

As one of the faces of the Attitude Era, Austin got plenty of screen time throughout his career. His theme became one of the staples of programming for years in WWE. And speaking of superstars who were faces of WWE during this time period…