WWE Extreme Rules 2017: 5 Potential Swerves

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3. Bayley Goes Off

After an awful “This Is Your Life” segment this past Monday, the Raw Women’s Championship match needs something to cleanse the palate. Alexa Bliss has been doing the best work of anyone on the roster as champ lately. But with the presentation of Bayley in recent weeks being as terrible as what we got this week, a lot has been left to be desired.

In a “Kendo Stick On A Pole” match, it’s not really an Extreme Rules match. Yeah, one superstar will (eventually) be able to use the weapon, but other than that it’s a regular old match. The swerve needs to come from the action in the match – specifically in how the kendo stick is used.

The rules state only the superstar who retrieves the kendo stick can legally use it. Key word: legally. Nothing is to stop whoever fails to capture the kendo stick from using it away from the eyes of the referee. Or even from using it illegally and getting disqualified (at Extreme Rules, which is so absurd it’s something WWE might do).

I think the swerve here is that Alexa gets the kendo stick, but no matter how much she uses it, Bayley won’t stay down. Eventually, Bayley wrestles the stick away from Alexa, and despite protestations from the referee, Bayley loses her mind and goes to town.

The big question in this match is “Will Bayley get extreme?” If she does, even if against the rules, it shows that there are some things more important than a championship. Bayley’s entire life has been geared towards being a WWE superstar, but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and your family. Forgoing a possible championship victory to get emotional retribution is something that would fit the Bayley gimmick.