WWE Extreme Rules 2017: 3 Reasons Samoa Joe Should Win

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2. Give Samoa Joe a Big Feud

It is really important when developing someone as a main event player that their next feud is the right one. A really big feud is definitely a good booking decision, and Joe needs that to make himself a staple of the product. There was a tease with Paul Heyman and Finn Balor on Raw last week, and that was fantastic. But imagine the promos we could see with Heyman and Joe if Joe does indeed win. There is so much that could be done there, Joe could set out to prove himself worthy by destroying the locker room and making himself a big credible threat to Brock Lesnar and the Universal Title.

Joe is in a position where he needs to really stand out, and this next step is what will get him there. If he feuds with Roman Reigns after Extreme Rules that will only have the fans cheer him and make him a face, while further damaging Reigns moving forward because the fans won’t have a reason to cheer him. Feuding with Finn Balor is not a bad idea, we have seen the magic these two can create in the ring but would a feud at this time actually help them? It is hard to say, which is why Joe needs something really big, something where he can really prove himself and become that man to beat. Going for the title early on is a massive step and holding his own will definitely go a long way for his future in the company.