WWE Extreme Rules 2017: 3 Reasons Samoa Joe Should Win

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1. Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar Would Be Incredible

The thought of these two beasts of men locking up in a match is a mouth-watering thought, there is so much potential for this to be a hard-hitting and exciting match. Brock Lesnar having been out of the picture for several months leads one to wonder what shape he is in and how will he do in his next month. Samoa Joe is in amazing shape and every match he has been in is well worth a watch. Their differing but hard hitting styles will easily complement each other, give the audience something they haven’t seen before.

Brock Lesnar needs to have a longer match and that can happen with a credible threat like Joe. He is no chump and he can go for a long amount of time and still pull out those big moves and hit his deadly submission. They could have a suplex competition in the ring, who will get the upper hand being a big play during the match. The added element of Paul Heyman at ringside is always exciting, he is the X-factor and you never know just what he will do or what ace he has up his sleeve.

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Extreme Rules has a very important main event and whoever does win has a big road ahead of them and Joe can definitely make that journey. We need to see that element of surprise and ‘anything can happen in the WWE’. It keeps the product exciting and Raw really needs a lot of fresh air moving forward. Can Joe be the one to face Lesnar?