WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Predictions

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Submissions Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Neville (c) vs Austin Aries

You know, if these two 205’ers were given more TV time each week, this really could’ve been one of the top feuds in the company.  Their matches so far have been nothing short of brilliant and with how good both of these guys are in their current gimmicks, their battles should’ve meant so much more.  But like with most of the Cruiserweight talent pool, Neville and Aries have been relegated to quick tag matches and minimal air time and therefore the program has suffered.

At Wrestlemania, these two put on, arguably, the best match of the night, one in which Neville picked up the pinfall victory.  A month later at Payback, the duo once again stole the show, this time with an Aries victory, although it was by disqualification rendering him belt-less.  For both of those shows I picked Aries to win the belt and was wrong both times.  So do I stick to my guns and hope 3 times is a charm?  I’m not so sure.

Like the previous match, the baby face defeated the heel on the last episode of RAW.  Not only did Aries win but he tapped out the champion clean.  Does that mean Neville is due for the rebound?  Or is it more an indictment that Aries officially has the champion’s number?  This really is a toss up.  I’m going with the title change.  But don’t be shocked to see Neville win it back rather quickly.

Winner and new champion: Austin Aries