WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Predictions

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WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Dean Ambrose (c) vs The Miz

These two are really perfect for each other, aren’t they?  Ambrose, the feisty, borderline psychotic, hilarious baby face matched up with The Miz, the arrogant, brash heel who has no filter on the things that fly out of his mouth is a story line writer’s dream.  And so far the program has been very good, quite possibly the best thing currently working on RAW. There’s no doubt that this feud will continue after Extreme Rules.  For one, it’s firing on all cylinders right now and two, with 5 other top guys all tied in the main event scene, the list of potential contenders for the IC title is pretty slim.  This could last a while.

With a win Sunday night. The Miz could really solidify his WWE resume.  If he captures the belt, it will be his 7th Intercontinental title which would put him one reign ahead of Jeff Jarrett and Rob Van Dam and into sole custody of second place all time, with only two wins away from Chris Jericho’s 9.  And if he’s successful, after one night he’ll move into 11th place over Shelton Benjamin with most combined days with the belt.  Before it’s said and done, he could go down as the best IC champ of all time.

Unfortunately for The Miz, I don’t think that’s going to happen, not at Extreme Rules at least.  With the match stipulation that if Ambrose loses via disqualification, he loses the belt, it almost seems too easy for Miz to win.  That’s where the swerve comes in.  Not only does Ambrose win, he will actually be the one to win by DQ.  And that, of course, will mean that this feud moves forward.  That’s good news.

Winner and still champion: Dean Ambrose