WWE Rumors: Jinder Mahal’s Title Reign Due to Impact Wrestling India Tour


WWE putting the WWE Championship on Jinder Mahal may have been due to Impact Wrestling’s tour of India, according to a report.

Jinder Mahal joining the main event scene and winning the WWE Championship was one of the quickest turnarounds for any low-card Superstar in years. He had lost a match to Mojo Rawley just a short time before moving into the title picture.

Presumably, the title going on Mahal was due to WWE wanting to reach its audience in India. However, there may be something else to this, as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Sony SIX, who’s working with Impact Wrestling in India, told the WON that they believe Mahal’s title reign is due to Impact’s tour of the country.

If true, it’s an interesting competitive strategy for the WWE, who have looked to do the same in the United Kingdom, creating its own UK division of wrestlers, using those like Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven and Wolfgang. This was trying to compete with ITV’s World of Sport, so it would make some sense if WWE was trying to do the same to Impact Wrestling in India, despite there being no weekly show.

However, Impact did just run a TV taping in India. Could that be what WWE is trying to undercut?

Let’s see how much further this push into India goes, and what could be next for the Leader in Sports Entertainment. For now, it’s just a world title holder, but how about matches filmed there in September, when WWE tours the country?

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Either way, WWE fans are in for Mahal’s title reign, for however long it lasts. He’ll face Randy Orton in a rematch at Money in the Bank, which is the Maharaja’s first defense since winning at May’s Backlash pay-per-view.