WWE Extreme Rules 2017: Match Order Predictions

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WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match
Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Bayley – Kendo Stick On a Pole Match

Considering how much of a Vince Russo fan I am, the gimmick of this match is just amazing.

However, Bayley’s character just doesn’t fit this format at all.

Because of that, this match moves down a bit on the card, becoming the second match on the main stage. If Bliss were facing a different opponent, this could have had a chance to potentially be the co-main event, but here we are.

While the writing for the “This is Your Life” segment this past week on RAW was simply hard to watch and didn’t build any extra heat for this match, here’s a way that the WWE can build some more heat during the match: Have Nia Jax interfere and attack Bayley.

While a loss here for Bayley could lead to a feud with Sasha Banks, Jax hasn’t been on RAW since May 1st and this would be one of the better ways to get her back on the air.

Bliss is phenomenal and she deserves to hold the belt until another woman comes along and gets as over with the fans as Bliss has.

A beat down with a kendo stick on Bayley from Bliss combined with an assault from Jax would help revitalize a Raw Women’s Division that has some catching up to with Smackdown’s.

Sorry, Bayley.