WWE Extreme Rules 2017: Match Order Predictions

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WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. The Miz – DQ Can Lose the Title Match

How else do you refer to this match? It doesn’t have an actual name!

While the gimmick is fine in general, it doesn’t really fit with the concept of this program.

You know, Extreme Rules.

The Intercontinental Championship hasn’t been a highly regarded title lately, having been early on the card at WrestleMania—the last “pay-per-view” it was defended at.

It’s time to give this match and championship a pedestal. If not for the Hardy’s being up next, this match should be the co-main event.

Based off of the match itself, it’s safe to say the superstar who wins will do so via a disqualification.

If The Miz doesn’t have Maryse slap him square across the mouth in an attempt to win the belt, the WWE will have seriously missed the boat on that one as it would be a great way to gain some heat in the match.

Quite frankly, Dean Ambrose has run his course and his character is lackluster, boring, lifeless, stale, and whatever other word falls in line with boring here.

On the other hand, The Miz is one of the best heels in the entire company and a win here could once again allow him to give prestige to the Intercontinental Championship as it wasn’t defended at Payback and it was defended on the Kick-Off show at WrestleMania in a terrible match.

A win here would make The Miz a seven-time Intercontinental Champion and a loss for Ambrose could intertwine with a storyline that involves The Shield getting completely or somewhat back together.

The end result will be interesting, but The Miz pulls this one out for the second title change of the evening.