WWE Extreme Rules 2017: Match Order Predictions

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WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match
The Hardy Boyz (c) vs. Sheamus and Cesaro – Steel Cage Match

After defeating Sheamus in single’s competition a few weeks ago on RAW, Matt Hardy chose the stipulation of the match in which The Hardy Boyz would defend their Tag Team Championships in against Sheamus and Cesaro: A Steel Cage match.

As a result, this will be the co-main event of the evening and one could even make the argument that this could be the main event if not for the stakes of Fatal 5-Way.

The Hardy Boyz is a steel cage alone qualifies for a potential main event slot.

The tag team division in all of the WWE is pretty bare at the moment, but the nostalgia that The Hardy Boyz give off to some of their older fans has helped put some life into it.

Sheamus and Cesaro have been around and involved in the title picture for what feels like nearly a year and once again, they’ll come up short here.

A win here for The Hardy Boyz should lead to a feud with The Revival—a match of two tag teams with very different philosophies when it comes to wrestling in the squared circle.

Due to the lack of depth in the division, Sheamus and Cesaro will linger around, but at some point, they need to revert back to single’s competitors. Being heel has helped them somewhat, but it’s still old.

PS: There will be a Swanton Bomb off the top of the steel cage by Jeff Hardy when he could very well just escape instead, but hey, a crowd pop is necessary.