WWE Extreme Rules: Top 10 Matches of All Time

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10. CM Punk vs Chris Jericho – Extreme Rules 2012

Dubbed as a “Chicago Street Fight”, CM Punk and Chris Jericho performed exactly that at the 2012 show.  For starters, it was in Chicago (obviously), Punk’s home town, and much like any time he performed in front of his natives, they were molten hot for him for the entire 25-plus minutes that he battled Jericho.  And the “fight” part?  Well that’s exactly what this was as both men viciously tore into each other in what would be the blow-off match to their heated 2012 feud.  Among the weapons involved were a kendo stick, a chair, and a fire extinguisher, things most crazy people would bring to a brawl.

Punk and Y2J always seemed to bring out the best in each other.  4 weeks prior to this war, Punk bested Jericho at Wrestlemania 28, gaining a modicum of revenge, seemingly ending the feud.  But the Mania loss only intensified Jericho’s desire to punish Punk, and spent the time between the 2 shows badgering his rival, claiming his father to be an alcoholic and his sister a drug addict along the way.  So by the time the Street Fight happened, Punk was thirsty for blood and all the anger and rage came out in Chicago that night.

In the end, it was Punk pulling off the win and kept his WWE title during his historic 438-day title reign after turning out Jericho’s lights with a GTS.  Great drama, great action, and two amazing superstars get this list started off right and head up the first of 3 matches to come in this top 10 of what was possibly the greatest Extreme Rules card of all time.