WWE Extreme Rules: Top 10 Matches of All Time

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9. Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles – Extreme Rules 2016

If there ever was a match that proved that not only is Roman Reigns better than many people give him credit for, it also proved that he should undoubtedly be a heel.  On this night in Newark, New Jersey, “The Big Dog” was absolutely vicious.  He spent the 22 minutes battering Styles with a series of punches, throws, and power moves, nothing more powerful than when he slung AJ into the guardrail and in one move, power-bombed him through the announce table.  If this wasn’t a top-heel like performance, then I’ve never seen one.

And there’s AJ Styles.  I’ve made it clear in the past that I think he’s the best wrestler to ever compete in the squared circle.  Just an opinion.  He obviously has the physical tools to be the best in the world but where he excels just as much is how he builds a match.  He’s a brilliant storyteller and an always makes sure that his opponents look as good as he does.  Make no mistake, this was an absolute classic and by far Roman’s best singles match to date, besting their Payback match from a month earlier.

To sum this match up with one word, it would be “intense”.  The emotions were high, the action was hard-hitting, and the crowd ate it up.  Throw in a surprise return from Seth Rollins and you have one of the best matches of 2016.  If the WWE could ever figure out how to book Roman correctly, we could see a lot more of these types of performances in his future.  And you know Styles will keep this going for as long as can physically do it.  He’s just that good.