WWE Extreme Rules: Top 10 Matches of All Time

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6. Edge vs Jeff Hardy – Extreme Rules 2009

What do you get when you match two masters of the ladder match, battling over the World Heavyweight title in the midst of 2 month long bitter feud and hang the title belt 15 feet over their heads?  A classic.  In one of the top 10 matches of 2009, Edge and Jeff Hardy went to war and when it was all said and done, Hardy had captured his second world championship in the WWE.

Although this was his second world title, this one seemed a little sweeter for Hardy, although it didn’t last very long.  In defeating Edge, Hardy basically closed the book on a rivalry that went back well over a decade.  They battled each other as part of tag teams in the first 2 ever TLC matches at Wrestlemania 2000 and later at that year’s SummerSlam.  Both times Edge’s team picked up the victory.  And that certainly seemed like a theme in their respective careers.  Edge, at this point in time had already won 9 world titles along with a slew of other belts and trophies.  Hardy always seemed a step behind him.  So when the carnage ended on the night in New Orleans, and Hardy’s hand was raised, it was huge moment in his career.

So it was all that more brutal well CM Punk’s music hit and he cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase, pinning Hardy after 2 Go To Sleep’s.  That drama added to what was a brutal main event ladder match in which Edge and Hardy battered each other senseless with what seemed an endless amount of ladders.  Hardy would eventually get his belt back from Punk before losing it again to him at SummerSlam but he can always feel vindicated in his storied rivalry with Edge based on what happened at Extreme Rules 2009.