WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Results: Best and Worst Moments

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Source: WWE.com

Best: A Kick Off That Actually Kicks Things Off

Raise your hand if you expected Kalisto vs. Apollo Crews to be in consideration for Match of the Night.

Better yet, raise your hand if you even had a clue that Kalisto was facing Apollo Crews on the Kickoff Show (PRESENTED BY MOUNTAIN DEW KICKSTART).

But, yes, this match was added in the eleventh hour in response to the growing rivalry between the Lucha Dragon and the Titus Brand. At first glance, it was nothing more than a throwaway match. It was almost like WWE looked at the card and said, “Oh no, we forgot about the pre-show!”

The crazy thing is, it was a great match. Kalisto and Crews have a long pre-WWE history as friends and opponents. When given the opportunity to just go out and kind of do what they want, they crushed it.

I think what made the match seem so good was the incredibly low expectations for it, based on context. Just look at the last few weeks of Raw for proof of this. When was the last time either Kalisto or Crews did something noteworthy? Probably the Dumpster Match where Kalisto beat Braun Strowman and got murked afterward, right?

But tonight was different. Both guys – and Titus, too – seemed really excited for the chance to do something before Extreme Rules, and ran with it. And it was great to see the crowd actually get into it, as well. Kalisto and Crews are way too talented to spend their WWE careers bathed in silence, and tonight was a good thing for both.