WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Results: Best and Worst Moments

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Source: WWE.com

Worst: Whatever The Women’s Title Match Was

Look at Baltimore, trying to get over as a “smart” city! So adorable. (Although, the way things have been going lately, booing Bayley and cheering Alexa Bliss may not be as smarky as one would think.)

All that aside, this match was a steaming pile of something. It was just not good at all. The rules either weren’t conveyed clearly or they just didn’t make sense (I’m thinking the latter). And the whole “will Bayley get EXTREME” talking point made the whole match seem like a waste of time.

The match was exceedingly short, especially for pay per view standards. It’s almost as if the producers knew that this entire storyline was hot garbage, and any more than the few minutes given here would be an assault on the audience’s good taste.

But the absolute worst part was the “winging it” when it came to rules of the match. During the entire lead-up to the match, the rules were expressly stated that the first woman to grab the kendo stick from the pole would be allowed to legally use it. Makes sense, until Bayley grabs the stick, doesn’t use it, drops it, and Alexa uses it with no trouble. Huh?

At Extreme Rules, professional wrestling’s streak of pole matches that were no good continued. It was as if the creative team had booked themselves into a corner and just wanted to end the story as quickly as possible. Well, hopefully this is the end of this feud, because I definitely don’t want to see anymore.