5 Ways WWE’s Women Made History Before Money in the Bank

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1. Charlotte, Sasha Main Event PPV in First Women’s Hell in a Cell Match

It’s one thing to main event at NXT TakeOver, it’s another to headline a pay-per-view on the main roster. Charlotte and Sasha Banks became the first women to ever do so, while also becoming the first female competitors to enter Hell in a Cell. Talk about pressure.

But once again they raised the bar. From the first bell (well, actually prior to it as Charlotte attacked Sasha before the match got underway), Flair and Banks were determined to prove the WWE right for putting them in this spot.

Not only was it a breath of fresh air to see two female Superstars fight inside the Hell in a Cell structure for the first time, but it remains the defining moment of the Women’s Evolution to date.

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Charlotte and Sasha were part of the talented group in NXT who quietly transformed the Women’s division in WWE’s developmental brand. Not so quiet anymore, Flair and Banks roared on the grand stage, showing just how far Women’s wrestling has come.